Employee Spotlight: Venita

One of the things that sets AOA apart from other orthontic offices is our team. We're not just coworkers; we're family. And our family is dedicated to creating an inviting and warm environment for our patients. Every single team member is vital to our organization, and bring their unique talents and personalities to the office. So we want to turn the spotlight on them! Every month, we'll be highlighting one member of our team to help you get to know them a bit better, and to share what makes them special.

Name: Venita
Title: Dental Assistant/Lab Tech

What do you do for fun?
Have cook outs, and go fishing or camping.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

What is your favorite spot in Austin?
The lakes - I love the outdoors.

What makes you smile?
The smile on a baby's face.

What's the funniest moment from the time you've been at AOA?
When Dr. Hime and Dr. Salome first became partners,  they commemorated it by putting on one giant pair of tighty whiteys!
(Ed. note: We'd love to see the picture of that!)

What do you love most about AOA?
The closeness of the staff, and how well we work together.

Why is having a beautiful smile important to you?
It makes you feel better about yourself!

Thank you Venita, for all of your hard work, and for being such a vital member of the team! 

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