What Sets Us Apart


What Sets Us Apart



At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we take a comprehensive, solution-focused approach to each client’s needs. We provide patients with a wide variety of treatment options, hands-on doctors and knowledgeable staff to make sure we get the best results. We make it our goal to see each patient finish their treatment equipped not only with a beautiful smile, but with the confidence they need to succeed. That’s because we are dedicated to transforming the lives of our patients and our community at large through our commitment to skill, service, and results. We see our work as a life-long investment in the future of our patients and of our community. Our team’s commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients, as well as leaving a lasting impact on the Austin community, all serve the same goal: we want to enable everyone to reach their full potential. At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we know that a smile is not just a smile - it is opportunity, confidence, self-esteem, and future success. When you step through our doors as a patient, we invite you to be a part of something much bigger than just a clinic.



Commiment To Community

AOA is committed to giving back to our community by partnering with nonprofits, schools, and other organizations in Austin to provide care to those in need. With the SHARE A SMILE initiative, our team provides service to those who cannot afford orthodontic care. We do this because we truly believe that orthodontic treatment has the capacity to transform lives by providing a stepping-stone for future success.

Two Board Certified Orthodontists

Our practice has two board certified orthodontists to collaborate on all aspects of your treatment. Both doctors also teach and lecture on orthodontic topics and have worked as associate professors at UTHSC in San Antonio. Our multi-doctor practice means that you are receiving attentive care from two widely-respected orthodontists. Two heads are better than one!

"HimeBucks" - Rewards Program

Our HimeBucks incentive program helps encourage the fullest possible cooperation with the treatment plan. The HimeBucks program was published in an international orthodontic journal, and helps our younger patients fully engage with the process that leads to success.


Check out our SALOME STORE and redeem your HimeBucks today!


Individual Treatment Rooms

Our clinic offers individual treatment rooms for patient comfort and privacy. In addition, we obtain all of the diagnostic records in our office, and we have an in-house lab for fabrication of retainers, space maintainers, and other appliances related to your orthodontic treatment.



Online Access

We offer online access to view scheduled appointments and account information, as well as patient photos and x-rays. In addition, you can choose to be reminded of your upcoming appointments by phone, e-mail, or text message...or all three!

Convenient Location

Our office is a freestanding building with plenty of parking, conveniently located just off MoPac and RM 2222 on Balcones Drive.

We invite you to take a TOUR of our facilities.

Susan's Garden

Susan’s Garden is a peaceful place to wait for an appointment or to drink a cup of tea. Enjoy the outdoors, share a conversation, or simply savor a few minutes of peaceful rest. The garden was created in loving memory of Dr. Susan Hime, Dr. David’s wife and partner, who died unexpectedly in 2003. Although Dr. Susan is no longer physically present in our practice, her spirit continues to live through all of us at Austin Orthodontic Arts. Dr. Susan possessed a zest for life, an aliveness and energy that was uncommon. She greeted all she met with a smile, and had an ability to connect with virtually everyone she met. Susan described herself as a person with “peace in her mind and love in her heart.” We hope that you can feel this peace and love as you sit and enjoy Susan’s Garden.