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Here are just a few examples of the excellent results we've provided for our patients!

Patient CB before treatment. She had crowding of the upper and lower teeth, a narrow upper jaw, and an unattractive smile that she was self-conscious about.
Patient CB after orthodontic treatment. Her treatment consisted of a palatal expander, followed by full upper and lower braces. Her crowding was fully corrected, and the palatal expander widened her upper jaw, giving her a fuller, more attractive smile.
Patient PJ at the beginning of treatment. He had crowding of the lower teeth and a pronounced overbite.
Patient PJ after treatment. His treatment included the extraction of four premolar teeth, along with a Herbst appliance to help control tooth movements and enhance growth of the lower jaw. All treatment was completed in one phase of treatment.
Patient JM at age 8. He had an extremely deep overbite with crowding of the upper and lower front teeth. A Developmental Phase of treatment was begun with partial braces, a bite plane, and a headgear worn at night. Patient JM at age 12, just prior to starting his Completion Phase of treatment. His Developmental Phase reduced the severity of his overbite and reduced the amount of crowding present.
Patient JM after the completion of his treatment. Braces were used to finish correcting the deep overbite, as well as placing all the teeth into ideal positions.
Patient SW at age 8 with an underbite and crowding of the upper and lower teeth. She had a Developmental Phase of treatment to expand the upper jaw and to enhance the growth of the upper jaw. Patient SW at age 12, prior to the start of her Completion Phase of treatment. The Developmental Phase corrected the underbite and created adequate room for all permanent teeth to erupt.
Patient SW after approximately 18 months of braces. Her Completion Phase of treatment created ideal alignment and proper function. This beautiful result was possible because of the two phase approach to her orthodontic treatment.
Patient KG prior to orthodontic treatment. She had a severe open bite, along with crowding of her teeth, and an impacted upper right canine tooth. Patient KG after orthodontic treatment. Due to the severity of her malocclusion (bad bite), this patient had orthodontics combined with jaw surgery to re-align her upper jaw (orthognathic surgery). This combination approach is used to correct jaw deformities which cannot be corrected by conventional orthodontics alone.

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